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NuTec Maswool HPS high performance refractory fibers.

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Max-Wool HPS Cut Lengths and Full Cartons

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Product Name Price Qty
6 PCF x 1/2 x 24 x 600 (50 ft) HPS blanket
6 PCF x 1 x 24 x 300 (25 ft) HPS blanket
6 PCF x 2 x 24 x 150 (12.5 ft) HPS blanket
8 PCF x 1/2 x 24 x 12 (2 sq/ ft) HPS blanket cut
8 PCF x 1/2 x 24 x 120 HPS blanket (10 ft cut)
8 PCF x 1/2 x 24 x 600 (50 ft) HPS blanket
8 PCF x 1 x 24 x 12 (2 sq/ft) HPS blanket cut
8 PCF x 1 x 24 x 60 HPS blanket (5 ft cut)
8 PCF x 1 x 24 x 120 (10 ft) HPS blanket
8 PCF x 1 x 24 x 300 (25 ft) HPS blanket
8 PCF x 2 x 24 x 12 (2 sq/ft) HPS blanket cut
8 PCF x 2 x 24 x 150 (12.5 ft) HPS blanket

Quick Overview

Max-Wool HPS Refractory Blanket - 2,300°F / 1,260°C, 6 and 8 PCF blanket in 1/2 inch through 2 inch in cut lengths and full cartons.

Replacing Kaowool Cerablanket
Cut and Boxed Refractory Blanket

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  • Kaowool Cartons on 24 Unit Pallets
  • Refractory Blanket Cut Running Lengths Diagram.  Typical lengths by quantity, 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 and Full Carton


Max-Wool HPS high purity 2400F / 1315C fiber blanket, 6 PCF (Pounds per Cubic Foot) blanket in cut lengths. Replacing Cerablanket.

Cerablanket Kaowool blanket cut length diagram

We sell cut lengths by the running or linear foot in continuous lengths.
That is 1 foot = 12" x 24". 2 feet = 24" x 24", 3 feet = 24" x 36" . . .

NOTE: It is cheaper to purchase a Full 25 foot Carton of 1" material than two 10 foot cut lengths.

While we specialize in supplying small quantities we can also provide truck load quantities anywhere in North America.

Please do not confuse our prices with others who sell at similar prices but by the square foot.  We have a significant price breaks at 5 feet, 10 feet and for full cartons with quantity discounts.

ABSOLUTELY NO RETURNS on cut materials

NOTE: Max-Wool is replacing Kaowool Cerablanket at the same price due to supply issues.

Max-Wool HPS - 2,300°F / 1,260°C is the same as the original asbestos replacement material invented by Babcock and Wilcox and is similar to Inswool and other competing products. Max-Wool blanket l is commonly used to insulate high temperature furnaces, process piping and to build forges and kilns.

The great advantage of Max-Wool over other refractories is its very low density and easy of handling. The density of Max-Wool is approximately the same a dense fiber glass blanket and less than balsa wood. The blanket is easy to cut with scissors or a utility knife making it possible to cut accurate shapes. This ease of handling quickly offsets the cost difference compared to castable or refractory brick while providing a much higher insulating value.

Max-Wool (kaowool) is commonly used to construct blacksmiths' forges and is often left uncoated. However, all refractory blanket should be coated with a hard refractory to protect it from physical damage and creating airborne refractory dust. ITC-100 is commonly used but is not 100% resistant to poking with sharp objects. A coating of refractory cement or patching compound such as Grefpatch or ITC-200 is recommended in hard use areas followed by another coating of ITC-100.

Max-Wool HPS comes in cartons of 50 square feet of 1" thick 24" wide rolled material, and 100 Square feet of 1/2" thick 24" wide material. We sell cut lengths starting at one foot (two square feet), partial cartons and full cartons.

NOTE!  Weight reported on the invoice is shipping weight including UPS oversize (dimensional weight) for full cartons.

Applications for which we have supplied refractory blanket:

  • Temporary fire protection while soldering or welding.
  • Fireplace chimney flue liner insulation (rock wool replacement)
  • Burn-out furnace insulation.
  • Model steam engine boiler insulation (asbestos replacement).
  • Sweat lodge furnace lining.
  • Blacksmith gas forge liner.
  • Melting furnace liner.
  • Heat treating furnace insulation.
  • Wood fired pizza oven insulation.
  • Replacement wood stove baffle insulation.
  • High performance exhaust muffler packing.
  • Barbecue and Smoker firebox insulation

Full cartons now in uniform packaging*

Cartons 25" x 19" x x 19" (635 x 483 x 483 mm), contents 4.17 cuft (0.118 m3)

1/2" (13mm) material length = 50 feet (600", 15.24 m)

1" (25mm) material length = 25 feet (300", 7.62 m)

2" (50mm) material length = 12.5 feet (150", 3.81 m)

48" wide material packaged in the same lengths (double volume and weights)

Nominal content weights, 6PCF = 25 pounds, 8 PCF = 33.3 pounds (11.3 and 15.1 kg)

Shipping weight 28 to 38 lbs.  UPS dimensional weight = 58 pounds, all densitiies.

Pallet size (US domestic) 24 cartons, 40" x 58" x 105".  700 and 890 pounds

* If your bill of materials is based on pre 2004 case lots or cartons the amount of material in a carton has changed.  Previously 1/2" product was packaged 37.5 feet length in a carton, 2" product  was 25 feet in a carton.  1" has not changed.

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The following documents were current at the time we setup this page. For the most up to date information consult the manufacturer or manufacturer's web site.

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   Max-Wool Engineering Data

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   Max-Wool SDS

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   Kaowool MSDS

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   Kaowool and Cerablanket Label

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