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Refractory Blanket

Refractory Fiber Blanket in cut lengths, full cartons and bulk orders. Used for lining forges, furnaces, kilns, wood stoves and process equipment.

UNIFRAX Harbison-Walker Morgan Thermal Ceramics
Property Durablanket S Inswool HP Cerablanket Kaowool Superwool 607HT
Melting Point 3200° F. 2327 - 2372°F **
Class Temperature 2300° F. 2300° F. 2400° F. 2300° F. 2372° F.
Continous Use Limit 2150° F. 2150° F. 2150° F. 2000° F. 1650-1922° F. **
Alumina/Silica 43-47 / 53-57 54 / 45 54 / 46 45 / 50-55 CaO 18-25 / 70-80
Iron 0.02% 0.2% trace 1.0% trace
Strength na 10/6 lb/in. na less 11 lb/in.
Published Manufacturer's data.
** Superwool melting point and continous use limit not given by manufacturer. Not recommended for forges or melting furnaces.

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  1. Cut and Boxed Kaowool Cerablanket

    Cerablanket HP Cut Lengths and Full Cartons

    Starting at: $5.25

    Cerablanket (Cera Wool) - 2,400°F / 1,315°C, 6 and 8 PCF blanket in 1/2 inch through 2 inch in cut lengths and full cartons. Cerablanket is the only 2400°F blanket in this class of product. Learn More
  2. TC Superwool 607HT cartons

    Superwool 607 HT

    Starting at: $197.00

    Superwool 607 HT low biopersistence ceramic insulation blanket with the highest temperature rating of an Alkaline Earth Silicate Wool blanket.

    NOTE: Due to low interest in this product all sales will now be special order.

    The 2372°F (1300°C) Classification temperature on this blanket is an absolute maximum compared to the other Thermal Ceramic products which were rated conservatively and can be used at higher than their rated temperatures. Due to this limitation we do NOT recommend this product for use in forges or where there is direct flame impingement. Learn More

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