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Where are my Rolling Mill Plans?

These are a DOWNLOAD item only.

When you place your order you are given a choice at the end of the purchase to download them immediately. At the same time you should have received an email with a link to download the plans (Check your spam box). The mail also had instructions on logging in to download the plans.

IF your mail did not arrive AND is not in your spam box, check your account for a typo in your email address.

To download:

Log into

Use the login (your e-mail address) and the password you gave when you made the purchase or setup your account.

Go to my orders, download items. Click on the link.

Give the download time to complete. (See your browser status bar) it is a long download.

Opening the plans:

Copy the file or have it download into a suitable folder.

UNZIP using the create folders option.

Navigate into the "Rolling-Mill" folder on your PC and click on the INDEX.htm file. This displays a list of files including the original plans, our on-line reviews, extra details, the video with Hugh McDonald and a page with a list of the drawings separated individually.

The ability to download these plans is permanent for as long as this store exists and your account exists.