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  ITC-100HT Ceramic Coating

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Pint Jar:  $59.50
1 Gallon Pail:  $381.00
5 Gallon Pail (special order):  $1,760.00

NOTE:Prices slashed on PINTS!

Our most versatile high temperature coating has proven to achieve outstanding energy savings and refractory protection. Use it alone and as a base coat for other ITC products. Applications include coating Kaowool, Inswool or other soft friable refractories including lightweight castable and insulating bricks to make a hard reflective surface. It improves the IR reflectivity of Satanite forge linings. Stocked in pint jars, half gallon buckets and gallons. 5 Gallon pails available but require special shipping.


  • Prepare Surface: Remove all loose and weakened fiber and bricks, debris, particles, dust and grease from interior walls, door, crown, floor and grooves behind electrical elements. Immediately before applying ITC-100, dampen these areas by spraying lightly with water.

  • Mix: To one pint of ITC-100 add one-half pint of water and mix well.

  • Apply: Spraying is the best method of application. Sprayguns are available from ITC. For small applications a brush can be used. Dip the brush in water first each time.

  • Coverage: 50 to 100 sq. ft. per gallon (6 to 12 sq.ft per pint).
ITC-100 MSDS Doc icon ITC Users Guide
Dilution, mixing, application, storage and general product information.

ITC Doc icon ITC 100-EZ MSDS
Material Saftey Data Sheet PDF (Adobe Acrobat file).

ITC Doc icon ITC Color Examples Flyer
Photos of ITC products (2 page Adobe PDF)

ITC Doc icon ITC Problem Solving Chart
Application chart for ITC products in various situations.

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