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P-75 Black Beauty Forge Burner and Accessories

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P-75 Black Beauty Forge Burner
P-75 burner 6pc. Value Pack
P-75 Builder 10 pack

Quick Overview

3/4 inch (pipe) propane gas burner for blacksmith forges, small foundry crucible furnaces and burn out ovens.
P-75 Black Beauty Forge and Foundry Burner

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  • Group P-75 Burners (Brass gas fitting not included)
  • Burners and Boxes
  • Example Application with Prototype Burners.  Built by Ted Bannon
  • Prototype Test Forge with Special Burner- 2014 and still in operation


3/4 inch (pipe) propane gas burner for forges, crucible furnaces and burn out ovens. Accessories include mounting tube, draft shield and flare. Accessories coming soon.

Six piece value pack shipped via Flat Rate Priority mail. Burners individually boxed with quantity discount.

Ten piece builder pack shipped via Flat Rate Priority mail. Burners are shipped boxed and loose (mixed to fit box) without individual instruction sheets. Quantity discount.

The Black Beauty P-75 Forge Burner is a plain 3/4" (pipe size) atmospheric pipe burner designed to be as good as any propane forge burner and simplified to be the most economical on the market.

Capacity: 320 to 500 cuin.

Operating Range 3 to 25 PSIG

Connection: 1/4-18 NPT

Dimensions: 1.050 DIA. by 8-3/4" (26.7mm dia x 222mm)

Mounting: User option (weld on bracket, flanges, compression joint). Drawings on-line.

Package Includes: Burner, mounting and operating instructions.

Warranty: Materials and Construction, 1 Year. Not warranted against burn out due to improper mounting, lack of forge lining maintenance or flash back (burning in mixing tube due to improper operating parameters or installation).

We do not provide a flare with our burners. Our burners are not a hand held torch, they go into a stationary device where a flare is not needed (the refractory lining creating the flare/flame holder).

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   P75 Package Instructions Two pages (front back) folded.

SEE anvilfire Black Beauty Burner for assembly drawing, mounting methods, applications and tools.