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Despite being a affiliate from the time they were established and having produced over $100,000 in sales for OLM they no longer track sales to our benefit and pay a commission as agreed. Overnight our recorded sales dropped 95%. Meanwhile, I am sure that most of our regular customers have been using our OLM portal the same as always and actual sales have NOT droped 95%. The returns have become less than our economical banner advertising even though OLM ads were given prime multiple placements including on our shopping cart (unprecedented in the industry).

We appologise to our regular OLM customers and recommend the many other on-line metal dealers such as McMaster Carr, Speedy-Metals, Admiral Steel and others.

Alloy SAE 4140, 4130, 4142, 4340, A36, A569, 8620, C230, aluminium, tool steels, hot roll steel, cold roll steel, beryllium, brass, bronze, copper nylon Delrin, magnesium, stainless steel, titanium, zinc, manganese bronze, phos bronze. Acrylic, Acetal, GPO, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene, Tygon, Torlon, Teflon, UHMW, 12L14, 2024-T3, Nickel and composites. Flat bar, round bar, square bar, plate, tubing, pipe, channel, angle. Free machining steels, Aerospace and marine materials.
Cut to length, no minimum quantities.