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Unique high temperature materials used in the ceramics, metalworking and aerospace industries. The original High Emissivity Ceramic Coating ITC-100HT is particularly well known in the steel, ceramics and blacksmithing communities as a protective coating for furnaces, forge and kiln linings. It is recommended to use over Kaowool, Inswool, Fiberfrax or other refractory blanket materials to prevent damage as well as airborn refractory dust. ITC-100HT, 213 and 296A improve the IR reflectivity of all furnace linings improving fuel efficiency and overall throughput. They are also good protectants for expensive refractory linings (fiber, castables and fire brick).

ITC products are used in foundries for repair of furnace linings and tundishes. In aluminum foundries and precious metals smelters ITC-100 and 296-A are used to reduce metal adhesion and increase the life of refractory troughs and pouring components. ITC-213 and 296A are used to protect silicon carbide crucibles and provide a surface that reduces metal and dross buildup. In the ceramics industry ITC products are used to coat gas and electric kiln linings resulting in significant fuel savings due to its high infrared reflectivity. ITC products protect the linings and heating elements from reactive atmospheres due to salt fireing and other processes.

ITC was "GREEN" long before being Green was an over used buzzword.   ITC products are non-toxic, they do not endanger users or the environment.   ITC products save energy by keeping more heat energy inside funaces, forges, kilns and process equipment.   ITC products increase the working temperature of refractories they are applied over and extend the life time of expensive refractory linings.   Refractory linings require a signifiant amount of energy to manufacture so extending their life is an added energy saving bonus as well as reducing down time and operating costs.

ITC-213 has been found to save material and energy in the steel processing industry.  Billets to be rolled or forged are coated with ITC-213 preventing fire scale.   Reducing scale saves tons of metal and an equal amount of waste to dispose of.  This also results in a cleaner smoother finished product.

New uses of ITC products are still being found in a wide range of industries!

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  1. ITC-100HT High Emissivity Ceramic Coating in pails and jars

    ITC-100HT Refractory Coating

    Starting at: $54.00

    The original High Emissivity High Temperature Ceramic Coating for refractories. Increases durability and fuel savings. Our most versatile high temperature coating. Applications include coating both hard and soft refractories such as Kaowool, Inswool or other soft friable refractories, lightweight castable and insulating bricks to make a hard reflective surface. Learn More
  2. ITC-200EZ Ceramic Fill  in pints, gallons and 5 gallon pails.

    ITC-200EZ Ceramic Fill

    Starting at: $150.00

    An excellent durable compound used to repair broken, chipped or cracked brick, castable or fiber material. Bonds rapidly and eliminates need for costly rebricking and down time. Use with ITC-100 and 296A to improve the IR reflectivity of all forge and furnace linings increasing efficiency and throughput. Learn More
  3. ITC-148 Heavy Duty Ceramic Repair

    ITC-148 Heavy Duty Ceramic Repair

    Starting at: $593.00

    A strong abrasion-resistant compound for repairing areas exposed to harsh environments and mechanical abuse such as tundish, ladles. troughs, crucibles and door jambs. Use also on walls and floors that are in contact with molten metals. Excellent for lining these parts. Learn More
  4. ITC-286A High Purity Coating for Ceramics. Gallons, Pints and 5 gallon buckets.

    ITC-296A High Purity Top Coating

    Starting at: $155.00

    ITC-296A is a high purity fine grain product that results in a smooth surface that ash, slag and scale sticks to much less than normal refractory surfaces. The IR reflectivity results in higher temperatures, lower fuel use and/or shorter process times.

    ITC-296A is normally applied over ITC-100HT or other ITC products.

    Learn More
  5. ITC-213 Ceramic Coating for Metals in pails and jars.

    ITC-213 Coating for Metals

    Starting at: $95.00

    High temperature coating for metals, graphite and silicon carbide. Reduces oxidation, sticking of slag, and is used as a primer for other ITC products such as ITC-100HT and ITC-296A. Learn More

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