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ITC-213 Coating for Metals

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Quick Overview

High temperature coating for metals, graphite and silicon carbide. Reduces oxidation, sticking of slag, and is used as a primer for other ITC products such as ITC-100HT and ITC-296A.
ITC-213 Ceramic Coating for Metals in pails and jars.


ITC-213 is used to coat metal parts OR metals being processed. Furnace parts last longer, processed metals oxidize less. ITC-213 is used as a primer prior to applying other ITC products to metals. ITC-213 has been used to reduce scaling of slabs and billets saving tons of metal in forging and rolling plants. It is also used in lieu of expensive controlled atmosphere furnaces for working exotic metals. Payback in these cases is immediate. ITC-213 can protect and increase the life of boiler tubes. ITC-213 is also used to protect graphite and silicon carbide crucibles or parts.

anvilfire ITC User Guide PDF icon    anvilfire ITC User Guide
   General dilution, coverage, application (2 page Adobe PDF)

Application Instructions Doc icon    anvilfire ITC Application Instructions
   Surface preparation, dilution, application (2 page Adobe PDF)

ITC 2p flyer PDF icon    ITC Color Examples Flyer
   Photos of ITC products (2 page Adobe PDF)

anvilfire ITC Problem Solving Page icon    ITC Problem Solving Chart
   Application chart for ITC products in various situations.

213 MSDS PDF icon    ITC 213 MSDS
   Material Saftey Data Sheet PDF (Adobe Acrobat file).