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Welcome to the DEMPSEY'S FORGE Store

McDonald Rolling Mill Plans We specialize in unique high quality products for large and small industry. Many of the products we carry are sold here exclusively. We provide cut lengths of refractory blanket as well as truck load quantities.

Anvils in America by Richard Postman
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New - H Board

We have a new product under Forge Parts, Kaowool H Board, refractory board in cut pieces for building forges and other purposes.

Price Increases

Sadly we have had to increase prices on almost all our products. It is not because the manufacturers have made increases, they have not. The reason is general cost of everything else. Incoming shipping is higher, outgoing shipping is higher and we often lose money on quoted shippig, credit card handling fees are higher, our costs of operations are higher. The result is we are more in debt each month even though our sales fairly good. . . We have new products in the works and perhaps that will help. Lets hope so.

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September 2015, Our cert works fine even if your browser is giving you a warning. The entire e-commerce community is caught up in a phoney secure cert war AGAIN! All it is about is more money for the big guys. For details see About our Cert. You can also test our cert by clicking on the GEO TRUST icon below left.


July 2,2015, North Carolina : Our supplier informed us that Cerablanket is back in stock in all sizes and densities. We will be refilling our shelves ASAP and quantity drop ships are now available.

Thermal Ceramics Cerablanket, the superior refractory blanket in its class had been our best seller for over a decade. Commonly called "kaowool", it is actually a higher grade product made by the same manufacturer.