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  1. ITC-100HT High Emissivity Ceramic Coating in pails and jars

    ITC-100HT Refractory Coating

    Starting at: $54.00

    The original High Emissivity High Temperature Ceramic Coating for refractories. Increases durability and fuel savings. Our most versatile high temperature coating. Applications include coating both hard and soft refractories such as Kaowool, Inswool or other soft friable refractories, lightweight castable and insulating bricks to make a hard reflective surface. Learn More
  2. The Revolutionary Blacksmith by Jim Paw-Paw Wilson

    The Revolutionary Blacksmith by Jim Paw-Paw Wilson


    Historical fiction/romance about a Catholic blacksmith's family at the beginning of the American Revolution. Includes illustrations of period items, tools and blacksmithing techniques. Learn More
  3. Dave Manzer, Wild Rose Forge, CA

    Little Giant Videos by Dave Manzer

    Starting at: $36.75

    The two must have videos if you have a Little Giant Power Hammer or similar machine. Dave'e first video, How to Cure the Bang-Tap Blues explains the operation of the DuPont linkage and how to trouble shoot and repair your hammer. The second video is about tooling and techniques used on the Little Giant power hammer and adaptable to almost all other power hammers. SAVE! Buy both and save $8.55 and half as much shipping if purchased separately! Introduction Video Sample on anvilfire AnvilCAM II Learn More
  4. Powerhammer Tooling and Forging Techniques by Dave Manzer

    Powerhammer Tooling and Forging Techniques by Dave Manzer


    60 minute, professionally produced instructional video picks up where he left off at the end of his first video and shows us simple power hammer tooling and it's uses. Starting with how to use kiss blocks for sizing stock, a tool for making tenon shoulders, then using the kiss block to forge the tenon, how to use ball bearing races to make tooling and then different uses. Learn More
  5. forge ease 3512 - 240

    Fuchs Forge Ease 3512

    Starting at: $14.75

    A safe clean graphite free water soluble lubricant used for hot forging steel parts and blacksmith hand and press punching. This product can be used for most forging operations to reduce tool wear and improve forging quality. Undiluted concentrate packaged in small quantities for the blacksmith or small forge shop. Learn More
  6. P-75 Black Beauty Forge and Foundry Burner

    P-75 Black Beauty Forge Burner and Accessories

    Starting at: $49.50

    3/4 inch (pipe) propane gas burner for blacksmith forges, small foundry crucible furnaces and burn out ovens. Learn More

6 Item(s)

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