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  1. Cut and Boxed Refractory Blanket

    Max-Wool HPS Cut Lengths and Full Cartons

    Starting at: $5.25

    Max-Wool HPS Refractory Blanket - 2,300°F / 1,260°C, 6 and 8 PCF blanket in 1/2 inch through 2 inch in cut lengths and full cartons. Replacing Kaowool Cerablanket Learn More
  2. Stack of split fire bricks

    Split Refractory Bricks

    Starting at: $4.75

    Hard high temperature foundry quality refractory bricks. Dimensionally half the thickness of standard refractory bricks. Used for blacksmith forge and foundry floors, wall and hearths. 1.25 x 4.5 x 9 inches (32 x 114 x 229mm) 3.75 lb.(1.701 kg) Box of 5 bricks includes USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail shipping. Learn More
  3. kaowool board 240

    Kaowool HS Board

    Starting at: $12.00

    Durable high temperature refractory board in cut sizes. Learn More
  4. P-75 Black Beauty Forge and Foundry Burner

    P-75 Black Beauty Forge Burner and Accessories

    Starting at: $49.50

    3/4 inch (pipe) propane gas burner for blacksmith forges, small foundry crucible furnaces and burn out ovens. Learn More

4 Item(s)

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