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  1. Samurai and Viking Sword NOVA DVD Video covers

    Secrets of the Swords Videos

    Starting at: $23.95

    Secrets of the Viking Sword:

    NEW (October 2012) PBS - Nova video veaturing Ric Furrer of Door County Forgeworks making a reproduction Viking +ULFBERH+T sword. This is the first time in 1,000 years that one of these swords have been reproduced using the original materials and methods.

    1 Hour video on DVD produced by PBS, Nova, National Geographic and Pangloss Films, sponsored by Mital Steel. Region 1 encoding.

    Cost Saving Bundle : Secrets of the Swords

    Buy these two landmark sword making videos Secrets of the Viking Sword and Secrets of the Samurai Sword together and save $10 (discount and combined shipping). These are high production value videos by PBS Nova and should be part of every sword aficionado, bladesmiths or blacksmiths library. Learn More

  2. ITC-148 Heavy Duty Ceramic Repair

    ITC-148 Heavy Duty Ceramic Repair

    Starting at: $593.00

    A strong abrasion-resistant compound for repairing areas exposed to harsh environments and mechanical abuse such as tundish, ladles. troughs, crucibles and door jambs. Use also on walls and floors that are in contact with molten metals. Excellent for lining these parts. Learn More

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