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Blacksmith, Forge, Foundry & Ceramic Kiln Building Supplies

  anvilfire Cap   


Hats, T-Shirts and miscelaneous anvilfire branded goods! Embroidered Caps currently available.

  Books, Videos, DVDs   

Books and Videos

Blacksmithing and metalworking books, videos, DVDs and CDs

Anvils in AmericaMousehole ForgeLittle Giant Power Hammer VideosSecrets of the Swords Viking and Japanese Swords,  Southwestern Colonial IronworkThe Revolutionary Blacksmith.

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Cash Payment

Cash payment for doanations, off cart sales, misc goods, off cart products, advertising. . .

  split bricks   

Forge Parts

Parts for building forges. Burners (coming soon), refractory bricks, plans

Split Refractory Bricks. . .

  ITC Products   

ITC Coatings

Unique high temperature materials used in the ceramics, metalworking, mining and aerospace industries made by International Technical Ceramics, Inc.

ITC-100HT coating for refractories increases forge, furnace and kiln efficiency and protects refractories,  ITC-148, ITC-200, ITC-213 coating for metals,   ITC-296A High purity top coating reduces soot and dross buildup, reduces losses due to metal sticking to refractories.

  Threader one sheet plan thumbnail   


Tools and Machinery plans for sale and for free (with other products).

McDonald Rolling Mill Plans

  Kaowool Cerablanket pallets, cartons and by the foot   

Refractory Blanket

High quality brand name refractory blanket and board products. We specialize in cut lengths but can also provide truck load quantities. Category page includes basic brands comparison chart.

Thermal Ceramics Cerablanket HP High Purity, High Performance, High Temperature blanket,   Thermal Ceramics Kaowool the original asbestoes replacement material,  Thermal Ceramics Superwool 607 HT Alkaline Earth Silicate Wool blanket,   Harbison-Walker Inswool the nearest competitor to Cerablanket.