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Books and videos for blacksmiths, collectors and metalworkers. Sharpen your most important tool - your brain. Anvils in America, Mousehole Forge, Little Giant Videos and more.

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  1. Anvils in America by Richard Postman

    Anvils in America by Richard Postman

    Starting at: $74.95

    Anvils in America is the single authoritative reference on anvils, their manufacture, history and lore. The early history of anvils starts with European makers, many long gone and now unknown. They are known only by the quality of their work and distinctive styles that are illustrated with photos by the author. The history continues with the dominance of the English anvil makers that had the power of the British Empire behind their distribution of anvils world wide. Later U.S. makers replace the dominance of the English and other countries start to export anvils to the U.S. Anvils in America documents much of this history through the makers of today.
    SAVE! AIA Moushole Forge Bundle includes both books PLUS a collector's monochrome print on archival paper of the AIA cover art. All shipping by Priority Mail for $89.45 + $13.50 . A $26.00 savings plus one shipping cost! Learn More
  2. Last Anvil Makers by Nathan Greene

    Anvils in America Last Anvil Makers Prints

    Starting at: $49.00

    Beautiful collectors' print from the pencil drawing which the Anvils in America color frontispiece and slip cover was painted. Printed on heavy archival acid free paper.

    Price includes shipping in the U.S.

    Learn More
  3. Dave Manzer, Wild Rose Forge, CA

    Little Giant Videos by Dave Manzer

    Starting at: $36.75

    The two must have videos if you have a Little Giant Power Hammer or similar machine. Dave'e first video, How to Cure the Bang-Tap Blues explains the operation of the DuPont linkage and how to trouble shoot and repair your hammer. The second video is about tooling and techniques used on the Little Giant power hammer and adaptable to almost all other power hammers. SAVE! Buy both and save $8.55 and half as much shipping if purchased separately! Introduction Video Sample on anvilfire AnvilCAM II Learn More
  4. Mousehole Forge Front Cover Detail

    Mousehole Forge by Richard Postman


    An historical treatise about the famous Mousehole Forge near Sheffield England, where anvils and vises were manufactured for hundreds of years. Mousehole Forge is said to be the first and longest running anvil factory in the world. -anvilfire guru Learn More
  5. Samurai and Viking Sword NOVA DVD Video covers

    Secrets of the Swords Videos

    Starting at: $23.95

    Secrets of the Viking Sword:

    NEW (October 2012) PBS - Nova video veaturing Ric Furrer of Door County Forgeworks making a reproduction Viking +ULFBERH+T sword. This is the first time in 1,000 years that one of these swords have been reproduced using the original materials and methods.

    1 Hour video on DVD produced by PBS, Nova, National Geographic and Pangloss Films, sponsored by Mital Steel. Region 1 encoding.

    Cost Saving Bundle : Secrets of the Swords

    Buy these two landmark sword making videos Secrets of the Viking Sword and Secrets of the Samurai Sword together and save $10 (discount and combined shipping). These are high production value videos by PBS Nova and should be part of every sword aficionado, bladesmiths or blacksmiths library. Learn More

  6. The Revolutionary Blacksmith by Jim Paw-Paw Wilson

    The Revolutionary Blacksmith by Jim Paw-Paw Wilson


    Historical fiction/romance about a Catholic blacksmith's family at the beginning of the American Revolution. Includes illustrations of period items, tools and blacksmithing techniques. Learn More

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