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Anvils, Stakes, Swage blocks

Sorry, we do not sell anvils.

We sell the most authoratiative books about anvils, Anvils in American and Mousehole Forge by Richard Postman.

WE ALSO have a wonderful gallery of anvils and many anvil articles on our information site  See:

anvilfire Anvil Gallery

Also note that several of our anvilfire advertisers sell anvils

We also do not currently sell sheet metal stakes. But we have a great deal of information about them in a section of our anvilfire Anvil Gallery. See:

anvilfire Anvil Gallery Sheet Metal Stakes

Looking for USED ANVILS? See:

anvilfire Tailgate

We also do not currently sell swage blocks or cones. We SO have a great deal of information about them on our little sister site. See: The only site dedicated to swage blocks and cones.  Includes the original How-To use article by Jock Dempsey - anvilfire guru.


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