ITC Problem Solving and Application Chart

Aluminium Smelters
 Repair and maint. brick, fiber and castables in contact with molten aluminium.  ITC-100, 148, 296A
 Repair and maint. brick, fiber and castables on doors and above molten metal.  ITC-100, 200, 296A
 Repair and maintain furnace door jambs  ITC-100, 148
 Repair and maintain crucibles, pouring ladles and troughs  ITC-100, 148, 296A
 Minimize dross buildup and carbon deposits on metal  ITC-213, 296A
 Protect graphite pumps and graphite parts used in molten metals  ITC-213, 100, 296A
 Protect and prolong thermocouple life  ITC-213, 296A
 Repair burner blocks  ITC-100, 200
Die Casters
 Save fuel  ITC-100, 200, 296A
 Repair and maintain refractory  ITC-100, 200, 296A
 Minimize seeding, peeling, chipping, dusting and cracking of refractory  ITC-100, 200, 296A
 Protect metal utensils such a ladles, skimmers, thermocouples  ITC-213, 296A
 Repair burner blocks  ITC-100, 200
Steel Foundries
 Repair and maintain tundish  ITC-100, 148, 296A
 Minimize slag buildup on metal equipment  ITC-213, 296A
 Repair and protect metal molds  ITC-213, 296A
 Repair and maintain crucibles, ladles and pouring troughs  ITC-100, 148, 296A
 Prolong electrical element life  ITC-213, 296A
 Spray coating for sand molds  ITC-213, 296A
Forge and Blacksmith
 Repair and maintain refractory fiber, castables and brick forge linings  ITC-100, 200
 Seal refractory fiber blanket and increase infrared reflectance  ITC-100, 296A
 Repair and protect burner nozzles and tuyeres  ITC-213, 296A
 Protect metal ladles, skimmers and pipe crucibles  ITC-213, 100, 296A
 Coat parts for heat treating  ITC-213, 100
 Prevent oxidation of exotic metals  ITC-213
Heat Treaters
 Save fuel, improve uniformity of temperature  ITC-100, 200, 296A
 Repair brick or fiber in furnaces  ITC-100, 200
 Prolong electrical element life  ITC-213, 296A
 Protect fans retorts and other metal parts  ITC-213, 296A
 Mend cracked steel in ovens  ITC-213, 296A
 Repair burner blocks  ITC-100, 200
 Reduce recovery time  ITC-100, 200, 296A
Potters, Artists, Porcelain, Brick and Tile Manufacturers
 Save fuel, cut down firing times, improve uniformity of temperature  ITC-100, 200, 296A
 Repair brick and fiber in kilns  ITC-100, 200
 Minimize kiln dirt and improve ware quality  ITC-100, 296A
 Minimize glaze sticking to shelves and kiln furniture  ITC-100, 296A
 Prolong electrical element life  ITC-213, 100, 296A
 Protect metal sand seals on car bottoms and metal burner tips  ITC-213, 296A
 Repair burner blocks  ITC-100, 200
Power Plants, Paper Mills & Incinerators
 Repair and prolong refractory life in furnace area and minimize ash build-up  ITC-100, 148, 296A
 Protect metal water and steam pipes in boiler area and minimize ash build-up  ITC-213, 296A
 Repair burner blocks  ITC-100, 200
Gold, Silver & Other Precious Metals
 Repair and maintain crucibles and ladles  ITC-100, 148, 296A
 Repair and maintain graphite equipment and parts  213, 100, 148, 296A
Forge, Furnace and Kiln Construction
 Protect metal surfaces, door frames, tuyeers and burner nozzles  ITC-213, 296A
 Prime metal for application of other refractories  ITC-213
 Coating and gluing fibre boards and blankets (Kaowool)  ITC-100
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